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The Advantages of Synthetic Oil

Let’s face a big oil company that requires us to change our car oil every 3000 miles, and you are obliged to pay more for it. While there certainly isn’t anything wrong with changing your oil that often, it’s certainly not optimal and frankly you’re leaving money and performance on the table by following this dated pattern. By switching to a high quality synthetic lubricant you can leave 3,000 mile oil changes behind and increase the performance and life of your vehicle.

Synthetic lubricants are much better than conventional engine lubricants, this is because synthetic lubricants are made of 100% pure and contaminant-free chemicals. This factor is very important in maintaining your car engine. Uniform molecules mean smoother flow and less resistance, and after all, the point of your vehicles oil is to keep it cool and running properly with the least resistance possible. These are some of the benefits if you switch to synthetic engine oil in synthetic oil change Fort Lauderdale:

  • Your engine will run smoother.
  • You will get honest and responsible service
  • Quality mechanic will always accompany you
  • Your engine will run cooler.
  • You will have more power.
  • You will get better gas mileage.
  • You change your oil less, saving money, time and the environment!

Synthetic oil will give you many benefits, your car will be “healthy” so that the car’s age can be longer. Do not let you mistakenly choose auto repair shop to change your car oil with synthetic oil quality. Make sure your choice at synthetic oil change Fort Lauderdale. The superior lubrication power of synthetics means less wear and tear on your engine and less time in the shop for you.

Probably the main advantage of using synthetic lubricants for your car’s engine is that you use far less oil over a period of time. This happens because the synthetic lubricant has superior stability. Some synthetic oil companies provide synthetic oil products that can survive as far as 25,000 miles without any change. By using synthetic lubricants from a responsible auto repair company such as Fort Lauderdale’s synthetic oil change you can get unlimited satisfaction. Guaranteed, you will be able to do saving programs for the environment that is extraordinary.

Now please you imagine, in addition to the benefits of your machine performance will also save hundreds of dollars a year by consuming less oil for your car. The environment will also be maintained. If you are based on the standard oil change that is changing oil every 3000 miles, imagine how many times you should change your car engine oil every year. Remember that oil is a non-renewable resource, so we should be wise to use it. One of which is using synthetic oil for your car, saving and environment is the source of our happiness.

The conclusion is that lubricating oil is essential for the survival of your car’s “life”. Lest you neglect to pay attention to it. Engine damage is costly and often caused by faulty fuel replacement or forgetting to replace lubricating oil. To keep your car “healthy ” choose auto repair the quality and honest.